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by Yalleix, 31 were fatal. Of 168 cases collected by Sestier, 127 died.

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away, in the shape of tough, viscid ropes of agglutinated

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in many cases, yet the fact remains that, though the curd

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hands the education of editors. If the average newspaper-editors, and par-

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was due entirely to free incisions, thorough irrigation,

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sician who states that after nocturnal epilepsy appeared, before

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the more frequent. Wagner had already reported one of

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afterward a similar quantity could be withdrawn, which was

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attacked with right hemiplegia, accompanied with coma. Six weeks later

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all the members of a household can join. From the bicycle, women

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lent vomiting which frequently succeeds the adminis-

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a decided influence. 5. These reflexes can scarcely ever be liberated by the person

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of syphilitic inflammation of the fundus ocnli. Virginia

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great importance to selection in evolution, that progress results not

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Case CCCXYI. — Accidental or Intentional Drowning ?

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portant to be passed over without being insisted on. Nothing can exceed the

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Prognosis. — Recovery from cirrhosis of the liver is not to be

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Fistule uiet^ro- vaginale, ur6tero-cy.stoneostomie. Bull,

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venous injection. The botulismus toxine is readily killed by heat, and

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fiinction, however, which nosologically rank as individual affections,

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tain few data; geography should be largely taught by

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they are often compared. The difference is not entirely covered by the

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nection, attention may be called to a striking tendency towards the