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Dumenil endowed the peripheral nervous system with a morbid entity which it did not

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Murray. Byron J., Saratoga Springs, Saratoga < o. Original.

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origin, can be induced. — London Med. Record, Oct. 15, 1880.

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Paroxysmal disorder is quite common. It usually gives rise to great

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secondary eruption. But the day of such dangerous doctrine is

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of the primitive bundle ; this nervous expansion is traversed in every direction by

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and a slight attack of diarrho'a. There had been no other

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physician and several attendants remained in charge of the patient

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(6) Associated Diseases and Complications. — These unfavorably modify

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rooms. These are, first, a volva or wrapper, which incloses

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view. The cervix was opened with Bossi's dilator, and the

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chemical and microscopical characters of the spleen, kidneys

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sented no indentation or mark. It is probable from this description that the

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after one or two convulsions, sunk into profound coma, and in