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the proposed Act, we shall be glad to publish his views in future
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■which included Turkish baths, every other day for three months. After Scotch
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vals. When little nutriment can be taken there exists a clinical indica-
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pitcher, or by squeezing it from a sponge, followed by friction with the
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anatomical knowledge of the ramitications of the various bursae
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post-mortem. Pierre Achalme^ has described an organism which he
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the consumption of beverages of adequate dilution, taken at
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ward the close of the middle period of the disease. In not a few cases
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force of its impingement by slowly pouring it from a greater height or
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ported a casualty for the second time, having been jireviously
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of early useful fingers and hands will be produced. Too much
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and by the work of Wharton, of Philadelphia, and others the
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the patient's temperature is below 102.5° F. ; every hour unless the
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toms Avere severe, recovery took place Avithout operation. Among the
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does not take place, then necrosis of the central portion (due, most
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cision on any point, however trivial, was an impossibility. " She took a partial
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solved, and only the white cells and the parasites remain upon the slide.
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trum, digitalis, and other drugs I have discarded, after a prolonged trial.
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middle finger taken. This experiment was repeated three times dur-
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estivo-autumnal parasite. This, at first, is a small hyaline, motile body
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produced widening of the vessels, while the same applied upon the gen-
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on the blossoms. It goes in at the stem of the fruit, into the
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removed, the ends of the intestine and oesophagus joined, and
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the yolk has considerable fat. The yolk is fairly low in nitro-
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in watching that the child does not expose its body by uncovering or
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tures are more numerous and, as a rule, decidedly more grave. In en-
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