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feature is the secondary complications, which may completely mask the
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man Edition by Donald MacAlister, M.A., M.D., Linacre Lecturer of Physic and
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2. Oligophrenia. — Enfeeblements of cerebral (psychical) development,
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venous capillaries also tend on very slight cause to become distended,
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artery can be felt pulsating in the " stalk " of the tumour ; it should be
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The Bibliography of recurrent insanity is very voluminous. Cf. Index Catalogue of
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nervous tissues produces the poison which so rapidly and profoundly
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composite group includes about l - 5 per cent of our school population (4).
The result of the rapid multiplication of the cells in this region is
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The convulsions of uraemia, if recovered from, may leave permanent
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to the original type throughout, or each may tend to go through similar
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ernor (Lord Charles Somerset) and left him to prescribe
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Other authors, while recognising emotion as an important cause of
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logy of this condition differs wholly from that of ichthyosis. He
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brated for curing lunatics and demoniacs in a certain time.
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his tortures — his despair — his degradation — every detail of
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functions are normally performed, but there is no consciousness of
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hysterical vomiting it seems probable that the regurgitation comes from
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Although the word is already being used in this limited sense in
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observers to regard them merely as altered epithelial cells ; and the
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disease by introducing antagonistic principles derived from other affections.
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or is neglected or cruelly treated, may order him to be sent to an
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gland from its natural seat ; and Eiselsberg showed that removal of a
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Hyperchlorhydria was supposed by Bouveret and Devic to explain
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attacks. Some neurotic persons may be driven mad by a sudden bout
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Causation. — Nothing definite is known of the immediate cause of the
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epileptics is characteristic. The aspect of these dements is dull, listless,
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dermatitis this is not the case. Psoriasis is recognised by its predilection
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patient. From friction and congestion these masses may ulcerate, 'bleed,
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make a definite raised margin on an indurated base, I prefer to apply
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tion, or indirectly, as do tertiary syphilides, by finding there a place of
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epilepsy. During the adolescent period, we have in the earlier years,
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N 1745 — the year so fruitful of dismay to the Jaco-
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(b) To each milliliter of clear group B serum add 0.01 ml
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exactly equal. At the center is a downward pointed knife edge
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common in hysteria ; and if not more frequent than the sensory, at any
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the solution to be tested and the standard, and for this
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or simultaneously, the lesions observed in D. herpetiformis. It is remark-
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— " d'emblee " — without previous inflammation of the skin, but usually
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stage of society it has no existence. Crimes, by which is here meant
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"fine foreign fatness" in pure air, and that a plaster of
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together with a few medullated white fibres (Exner's). On section of the
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(Wolff, Jacobi), or even weak doses of thymol, tar, or subacetate of lead