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He was born in Clarksville, Arkansas and was one of

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a sufficient reason for denying that the enlargement is owing to the

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was very desirable that it should be extended ; but

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able clinical results of digitalis administration, a further course of the remedy

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cedure. The bladder need not be wounded, as it can be pushed aside

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is being retained. On the other hand, there is danger in continuing

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lesions in susceptible animals and must be again isolated from these

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the first one may have been in some other recognized medical

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Society at Ca8sel,t Sept., 1878, this subject was discussed. Prof. P. Muel-

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one case where the contrary occurred : cancer of the portal vein first

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■upon this hypothesis, the iodide of potassium in ten-gram

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the milk produced is of interest. But the ideal plan is to

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25th. Inflammation increafing. — Cataplafm. EmoHiens.

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rheumatic, tubal, and ovarian forms. But we often find associated in the

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shrill, or shrill and grating. It will continue so long as the ^breath is

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true, but not in the simple sense which regards the peripheral

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nent silk-connective-tissue peg; that the breach it makes

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leprous process was concerned. As already stated, the head, ears, face,

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advised to consult his family physician, which advice he

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dyspepsia among large numbers of the females of the loiver

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In performing the posterior gastroenterostomy, it is better to suture

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also take place. Now, on the other hand, if the laceration had

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health package with controlling costs of medical care.

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bodies are seen only in stained specimens, and practically

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metabolism from prolonged muscular exertion ; and the

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8. The scapular region (left), corresponding with the twelfth of Dr. Watson.

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the existence of this disease, is hardly touched upon in

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^^ e principal organs, is consistent with my hypothesis

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Sample with literature mailed gratis to any physician on request

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which it very much resembles, and from which circum-

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June 30, 1902, was 29; received during the year, 64; read-

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* These tinctures are thus made : — Fresh lemon-peel, thin, and cut

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gained by a surgical procedure. An ice cap should be

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alleging that the injurious fumes from an open sewer had

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diseased bones, have afforded him great facilities in the pro-

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Meanwhile, the calf swells, the ankle swells a little.

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to. All surrounding influences which are not condu-