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'• In Rutland, Yt., a married lady had a favorite pet cat, which she loved immo-
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from disease and pain — are ignorantly sacrificing health and life — and are cut off in
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obscure in its descriptions, for which we apprehend the trans-
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that one foot was already in the grave, we wrote to you Ami now, through the
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means of polarized light, those strise which present a dark
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We have the clock and the watch to give us the hour of the day ; the scale to deter-
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Third Stage. — Replacement of the protein milk with increasing amounts
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an infinitesimally small quantity of poison, but to know its real
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laries is a physiological condition, in another it may be dne to
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We read thai the woman washed the feet of Jesus, and anointed them with oint-
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" Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled."— Heb. xiii. 4.
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either of a tabes dorsalis or spastic paraplegia or of a combined
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evidence as to the working and the results of the system in those places where it
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avoided had idl the means of examination been employed, amongst
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and landed 406 passengers, 5 of whom were moribund from cholera.
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its specific nature, for the population, in other parts, are equally
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will have the better satisfaction ofpossessing a rosy cheek, a sparkling eye, a lively
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By "desugarization" is meant the elimination of sugar from
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stitching the edges of an ovarian or other cyst to the edges of
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contented and unsatisfied, who in their inmost souls cannot be sane, without having
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pathology and treatment of albuminuria, we would refer our
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report of his blood by Dr. Janeway showed a pretty normal
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stantly going on, and the decomposition must be allowed to escape.
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press upon the semen his or her peculiar qualities, and govern the character of the
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from the continued, and this again from the repeated application ; a distinction neces-
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Remarks on Chorea Sancti Viti, including the History, Course, and
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We understand also that the physicians of that institution have
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for the race than is now enjoyed. But there are a few high-priests of the schools
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your patronage as well as that of others ! And so, by keeping the officers of
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the impurity being dependent on volatile oils will be shown by
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Ureteropyelitis (u-re"ter-o-pi-el-i'tis). Inflammation of a ureter
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Fortunately, various forms of infections have a predilection