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gical Specimens are employed at the discretion of the Examiners. Can-

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tured the joint and allowed the synovial fluid to escape. An action to

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would lend money at this rate of interest to enable parish authorities,

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required to certify that the candidate's vision is sufficiently good to enable him to

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Course in Arts, with a view to the Degree of B.A., his answering in

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by the handles being placed at an angle instead of parallel to the line

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shoulder and the elbow joints ; and also performed partial resections of

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purpose. " He who acts as though there were but one thing in the

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College of Medicine did endeavour, as far as its abilities went, to carry

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Medical Act. Royal College of Surgeons of England : Examination

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to them. 2. Occasional Students, or those who enter to one or more

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Sir,— As Surgeon of a County Gaol, may I ask those of your readers who hold

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but he was authorised by the editing Secretary to say that a volume se-

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other than a generous and devoted part in the service of the knights of

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jects of the Primary Examination, xvn I. Any Candidate who shall

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tion in Arts, established by any of the Bodies named in Schedule (A)

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possession of a large hospital of 3S4 beds on the battle-field of Sedan.

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"Hear."] He regretted ver)- much that the Bill had been thrown out ;

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and in the Out-patient Department by the Ophthalmic Surgeon. Beds

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possibility of warming the carriages for the transport of the sick. Iron

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would appoint members of their body who were also members of the

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had suffered from excessive anasarca, and had subsequently died ex-

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monthly, and it was found that there was no loss of nitrogen, no oxida-

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At Newington's Asylum, Ticehurst, the nurses had a practice of re-

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provincial scliools whose names have not been returned, in consequence

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of the bowels need not be dwelt upon in the presence of medical men ;

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a mbiture of bile and pus was found in the peritoneal cavity ; the colon

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ments, and one-fourth of the men might always be located there. To

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Sir,— In an Union, for which I have sometimes done deputy work for one of the

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Committee of Council, and if it would be made this year.

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Dispensary-, vice *A. Wynn Williams, M.D. (Physician-Accoucheurl, resigned.

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distinguish them by their rough appearances on coarse dissection, neither

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* "I \ brought up both by scientific men and women distinctly to

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ness was always present and was often considerable. The patients

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subjects in the examination in General Kducation.— C^/a.^^m'. Natural History

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" Manchester is a great manufacturing city, surrounded by numerous

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General Infirmary, died at Samaden in Switzerland on the Sth Septem-

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behind in the march of intellect and of improvement. It may suffice to

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sion, he warned them that they would not cease to be students at the

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no place. The man who came thither, came relying on his own personal

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this neuralgia to be allied to a certain amount of vaginitis, the cure of this

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.and, whether it have been "ground" into him or not, is of compara-

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ounces and 44 ounces respectively. This is very dift'erent from the

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hospitals). For this purpose and for the escort of the trains he has a

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(Dr. Stewart's) attention to a chimney, and desired him to look at the

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