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Showing Reduction and Skeletal Distraction Attachments"

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The nature of the obstruction in these cases can be determined only after

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bark. It is used with advantage in dysenteries, and diarrhoeas. A de-

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Army Surgeons against the charge of incompetency, was read by

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quantity to fill the bottle. The bottles commonly in use in

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first compressed with the tissue forceps, the clamp and cap removed,

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LEGAL ME3)ICINE. Part II. Coimuns : Legitimacy and Paternity — Pregnancy

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XIV. Sub-ungual Exostosis. — This may lead to changes in the

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Percussion ; 2d, Auscultation ; 3d, Palpation ; 4th, Symptoms.

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antiseptics can, on account of their toxic properties, be used with safety

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I have found in a large dog that, after the injection

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Lisb., 1887, viii, 41-44. Also: Arch, d'opht.. Par., 1887,

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in many regions they are distended with oil. In the former case, we

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Alcohol seems to increase the effusion and should not be given. During

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they have been cleansed by injecting water, of a solution of : R. — Acid

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he turned to me and remarked: "That man I respect, for

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imbibition, and to which we have already directed attention [incle

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The primary means for the control and prevention of

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3. Those activities which have for their end the rear-

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Now, in the case of the uterus, the organ is considered to be dominated

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virulent bacilli were one and the same species of bacteria.

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other result, viz., superficial gangrene, of rounded outline and seated

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^he digestive tract rarely presents distressing symptoms and complications.

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to the inherent rhythmieality in the heart muscle; it

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appearance : it is uniformly enlarged without alteration of the form

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disappearing in about half an hour after cessation of the

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with true professional spirit. From the excellent judg-

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records ; since at the very opening of the volume, we find a

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