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tension in the anterior superior spine of the ilium of the left side.
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avoid all great exertion, even in bodily movements, but be care-
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prophylactic measure, from 5 cc. to 10 cc. of tetanus
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a dilatation of the os that would admit the index and
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of one or both lungs. In any case, it is capable of no other
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from one side to the other, or even a personal attempt on his own
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culty in extracting the head, but steady traction, with one hand on the back of tiie
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S.-Peterb., 1899, viii, 310-330.— ITIarclioiix. Diagnostic
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Provide normal developmental learning experiences for children
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The phrenic arises from the third, fourth, and fifth cervical nerves, and as
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acute stages, when these diseases are especially communicable. Morrow
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tuberculosis of the kidney is of hematogenous nature,
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Dr Stewart replied, that his cases presented throughout their
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Thb Use of thb Schick Test in a Children's Institution.
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than during youth, and that its development is more slow and gradual
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Other nasal conditions, however, may produce disease of the
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transient gout, and the persistence of the disease in a chronic form, impair
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made. When all the occupants of a dwelling habitually awake with nausea,
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10. The intellectual faculties remain normal ; but in advanced stages
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motor paralysis with its consequences and direct injury to the