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the treatment of disease and on X rays have become necessary

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cauterized with nitric acid followed by a strong solution of an alkaline

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cases of Dupuytren s contraction and states that the fine re

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Etiology. Scurvy is a disease that is caused by defective nutrition.

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carbolic acid poisoning. Salicin acts more slowly than

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the pregnant state there was great rachitic deformity

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with fever and looseness of the bowels the intestinal

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protein clearage products and anaphylaxis. The Journal of

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ence of pus in the nose after cleansing the same and then

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A dry brown retracted tremulous tongue is seen only in severe cases.

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Qlttose tium myself. We agreed that it could not be ovarian from itn

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an idea worthy of consideration and we doubt not would receive it

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use only by convalescent or chronic cases who might be rewarded

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confirmed by the quick response to the medicine furnished which

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haustion from coughing may be seized with convulsions or more com

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one of his pupils Einhorn for the earliest communications concern

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anterior teeth of both jaws are arranged in nearly a

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than in tlie adult because the tissues were softer and

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attention and which certainly has a suspicious char

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extent though very superficial it is extremely dangerous.

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We will now proceed to take up Dr. Manson s account of the

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about the work and are anxious to have talks given to

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then gradually faded. In no instance was desquamation noted in the

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There is no increase in the number of bile capillaries. The liver

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bed and hot bottles placed about his body and extremi

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tures and especially prepared Original Articles on Treatment

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death I am led to believe that the above described vis

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so thoroughly however that it would not be practical

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excitability. They sometimes show a most extraordi

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Almost simultaneously we put on another group at an in

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and the third and sixth nerves causing hemiplegia alternans and if it should

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safety of tlie mother we must dilate and deliver if expulsion

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The possibility of the infectious agents of pneumonia diphtheria and

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showing the way in which the remedy reveals the exist

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No medication was employed while the patients were in the metabolism

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