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enter into the composition of soap. Soap-making is, therefore,

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ated ; sluggish movements ; dull look ; eyes sunken ; skin

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one time I took from his throat a portion of false mem-

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pensary. The capacity is to be from thirty to thirty-five beds.

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with or without a BE for confirmation. Our experience

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as we are assured on high authority, " the barren womb is

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and thus prove dangerous. He uses strong and good adhesive plaster (Maw's

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point of view; but it may, as we have pointed out elsewhere (4) have

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hospitals, etc., as well as of camps and hospitals in the field, and

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well formed lateral lobes and a small middle lobe. On section,

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fearful malady to study the ways and forms of thought and

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patient to a nearby hospital, where a rib resection was

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as yet unrecognized factor which interferes with the growth of the

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In paralysis, however, I believe that the best results can be

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Although the technical aids to the examination of the nervous

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167. Dozzi.— Intestinal Obstruction Cured by Capillary

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extremity was black and mummified. The heart's action improved,

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Progress of the Case. — At first, the crusts were removed and the scalp kept moist

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gallery in which they are placed. I encountered deeply rooted

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materials of sutures were discussed. He also exhibited some

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Derivation. — Made as above with the addition of water.

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Understanding of Elderly Patients’ Resuscitation Preferences by

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their position because the antle joint is well back upon the pos-

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ish or greenish hue, and is smooth, glossy, and homogeneous.

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in Great Britain during the week ending March 10 ; this is a

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part, in order to supply the nutritive plasma for such growth ;

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discovery of some means of eliminating the germs of

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atoxyl for various animals, while its power of injuring trypano-

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it was attempted to remove the enlarged Ovary entire, through a

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letter. Dr. Williams, if you had waited for a moment you would have seen that that was

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in Warm Countries, Jour. Trop. Med. and Hyg., 1908, xi, 294.

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tracing a number of diseases to the activities of minute

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chalk and opium, or with Dover's powder, has a similar effect.

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instances of refracture that were compound that have

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and, also, that relapsing attacks are less common than when the remedy is

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