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and were directly conducive to temperance and clean

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Its Clirative Power is largely attributable its stimulant tonic and nutritive propeities

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Psj chological tests for non English speaking recruits 280

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matory affections of the bowels the bowels should be previously

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likely to be successful in a case of septic peritonitis. If

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Physiologists after patient and close inquiry have arrived

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The authors protest against loading the statistics of artificial pneumo

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class of cases being 14.17 days for 134 455 the average time was

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sion has taken place between the parietal and visceral layers. Fever is a

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not course along as represented in the diagram. The greater sac should

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the most elaborate examinations. The same had often occurred in

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tion along with exaggerated irritability excitability impressibility or

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subnormal red counts. Were such a phase of the disease

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and the January 288.67. There was a much greater decline for these

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severe lesions of the cord are in this way able to travel

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ter attached to his person by one or another of those

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now underwent treatment at Hamburg with very great relief but it was

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Spain. Boccone Paul. Icones et Descriptiones rariorum Plantarum

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By Mr. Winchester Surgeon to the Westbourne Dispensary.

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Diseases of Children. Instruction is given by Dr. CORV in the Out

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worked with a virulent streptococcus infection with