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equaled by chemical disinfection such as washing in bichloride

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The great number of questions which arise in the consideration of these

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DLXXX. A second case of the irregular gout is that which

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of the part below due to pressure on veins vide Case nerve symptoms

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Gamgee says The migration from the mouth or alimentary

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whole spine in the best possible position so that the rela

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by manipulation or the free use of the exploring trocar and canula.

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tionably due to pyogenic microbes and have been largely asso

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benefit. At length by mere chance a mixture of iodide of

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death rapidly ensue. This is a hypoxic situation due

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at the Royal Marine Artillery Infirmary Portsmouth and at

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nication by a valvular opening with the rectum a short distance

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they consisted of collections of sebaceous material in hypertrophied

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tion of its occurence but thinks that it may be due to

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Several members of the committee holding the hearing

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yellowish mucopurulent discharge flows from the urethra.

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the world knows consists in the e.xhibition of mas

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are the best means to obviate and arrest xyphosis in general. But

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of physicians devoting themselves to the suffering in the great pestilences

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populated settlements and towns depriving themselves

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force and frequency gradually increased. A very tender spot

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circumstances that influence the action of medicines and the doses in which

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He has therefore endeavored to adopt treatment which

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forgetfulness and irresolution are characteristic. The habitual dose is

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respiration are often of a neuralgic character and may be readily

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The uses of antipyrin have been very thoroughly investigated by

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purative inflammation of the inner structures of the

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badly mangled and suffering from shock. The only condition that would

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titioners and should bring home to anybody who reads it the

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poisonous effluvia to the air. These tanks continue to pollute

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purchase of Emile Blanchard s Bregne Animal. The plates

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C. Weber and others have observed effeminacy in body mind

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As the symptoms subsided without a perceptible dim

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rectum after colotomy. The operation was performed two years and