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a disease of middle and later life; under thirty it is most rare. The prog-

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bits were inoculated, which died of typical rabies twenty days

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and imperfectly developed. These centres not having been called

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the line of distinction was clearly drawn by Dr. Withering between typi-

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softening of the mass, as well as during the time the material

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mucli ii in the remarks of itates then, though a surgeon, to n

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sence of any symptoms of grave constitutional involvement aud the

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killed by heat at 60° C. with 0.5 per cent, carbolic added. Each cc.

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frequently bent so as to form a loop or eyelet. I have not ob-

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was told that, an hour after his departure, pain and hfemorrhage

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ciple and the details of the operation, before you see them

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The specific cause of the disease being eradicated by this means, the question

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in eight to twelve days, though occasional cases may occur

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ments respectively, it is better to call it the uniting skin, or

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-about the institution, or that the fruit and vegetables grown

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the forty years during which he had been connected with the

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tion of their health demands full and active exercise, and they

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tions and reports of the negatives of the previous day. For

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but each proved clumsy, painful and unsatisfactory.

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toms — first, a buzzing noise described as being heard in both ears, and not

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pression. The attacks of spasm may occur in all or a part of these

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that there exist in some people certain collateral branches or anasto-

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Caesarean operation leaves the patient exposed to sub-

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other symptoms taken by themselves. The earliest of the physical signs is

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incision may be left unsutured. Pachymeningitis hypertrophica

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through a Berkefeld filter remained infectious, thus showing that the

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be reduced to a proper consistence by rain water : or panaces, poppy tears,

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nothing whatever to do with any of the varioliform diseases. Not to

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the pathological knowledge which they may have displayed. It should be

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or in sncflession. But in a large number the specific morbid processes

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to congestion of the bronchial mucous membrane, supplied as it is by

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Joseph N. McDowell, JI. D., Professor of General, Descriptive, and Surgical Ana-

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has been covered with cotton and a plaster bandage has been applied

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the larvae escape from the wound which they have infested or

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their presence demanded some mark of recognition from the gov-

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are— will be consigned to the " waste-paper basket". " Hopes and

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College of Surgeons in Ireland; one of the Secretaries to the

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using astelin and flonase together

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Dr. W. S. Hedley of Mansfield street, London, W., has written

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of the tube, the peritoneal granulation lining the chan-

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"So particular name is given to the nerves, which belong to the articulations, because all articulations of the bones,

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infecting organism is so great that the patient is at once overwhelmed

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animal or vegetable, produces a certain amount of heat.

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