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diminish its bony cavity ; consequently the size and capacity of

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plerumque judicatoria. btadia tria fcarlatinae obfer-

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tinct micro-organism exists as the specific cause of chancroid, and that

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Another pioneer was Bonders. He and his pupils did much

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very critical and collapse or some other form of sud-

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was by no means characteristic. He had seen one other case of pulmonary

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men, and a dozen of our young women. Take notice that these are all

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few T drops of milk had appeared through the strapping. The

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the patient, and in the fact, according to its original advocates,

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Chronic interstitial hepatitis; lymphoid hyperplasia manifest in spleen and

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philosophical analysis. Dr. Bedford's volume will long stend as a model

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a common experiment for a workman to light gas-burners by holding one

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strated. If the darker blood ejected from the right auricle with each

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to do with secretion, with which we are now concerned,

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Zoology. — That jmrt of natural history which treats

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made as fair proposals as I would ask others to make

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a separate vessel with 2 oz. of bismuth oxychloride or 2 oz. of barium

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tress, and apparently is enjoving herself much more than formerly,

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Kent Library, and. having failed to Becure land from

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10. Name four organic acids and give the sources of each.

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on them, the dyspnoea was increased and pus was expecto-

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water bottles to the feet and legs, hot poultices, with or without mustard,

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(rf) Miscellaneous. — Four cases, two of which (Nos.

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caution in interpreting its results even in a considerable series of cases.

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this. Soda solutions apparently do not kill the bacillus and favor the

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incorporeal arm whose form remains connected with the living

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Major Julian South worth Boyd is appointed under the A.D.M.S.,

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about 20 per cent, of slip; which in other words means that the

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familiarize himself with every detail, and to study the effect

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women who have passed the second climacteric. Urticaria while

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passing both centralward (thus causing pain) and peripheralward

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exclusively amongst Jews belonging to Jewish families from Central Europe,

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ernment supplies lodgings, the school at Alfort affording accommo-

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glycogenic substance is a whitish, tasteless, inodorous, neutral, apparently not crystalline

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Published by the Association under the direction of its Editing and Publishing Committee

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Retrobulbar optic atrophy is more common than optic neuritis.

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I Rend at n Meeting of the Royol Medical and Chirurgical Society, March 11.

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in many cases it is not necessary to open the pylorus

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method of preventing haemorrhage ; it should be applied as soon as the

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at forefoot level in patient 1 showing increased waveform

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dered their decision in these words : ''The first propo-