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According to Major James L. Bevans Medical Corps these
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Idem The Training School Bulletin vol. 11 March 1914.
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of any one viscus tlie entire system seemed to suffer llie children
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tion exists in regard to them except granular degeneration of the
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upon such remedies but upon appropriate food torrect habits taking
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struction of any foreign tissue. These observations were exceedingly interest
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duced by the growth of two embryons or living filaments which
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fect the nails have a remarkable tendency to rapid growth.
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our high estimate of the surgeon s humanity and dis
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After the pulse had reappeared at the wrist transfusion was
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to do aboard ship his time was spent in reading. Hence the
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The attack of several persons by similar severe symptoms soon
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the rents paid it is without date but from internal evidence must be
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rounding bacterial emboli in the pyramidal capillaries. There is hemosiderin deposit in the
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angina pectoris in severity and suddenness. Paroxysms lasting only
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the following a The subcutaneous 6 conjunctival and
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and may certainly drink too much when on a holiday. Our
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that is to steam ten knots an hour as a routine pace
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Army field hospitals or dressed up as men. CPany women were discour
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Even Avhen in good condition animals lose flesh and appetite and finally
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Medical treatment of cancer of the snow. The use of the volatile liquids
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is being trained to work as a motor ambulance and cycle
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m the nervous matter and circulating fluid. 3. C holes terinew
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full bibliography. The present article contains many quotations from this valuable
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on absorbent cotton and having no scissors with me
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be ettected are as great as its difficulties. Several good authorities have
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tion of the lower portion of right ureter and implantation of
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screw provided for the purpose so that a suitable ex
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tions show on each rod between the face bow and face.
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tance while giving drainage to the pus of at the same
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linear or linear lanceolate entire leaves and solitary long peduncled
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grayish white or reddish white if mixed with blood and consist of
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inseparable from witnessing the performance of the average
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may end in recovery of health or be followed by tertiary
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mouth bein frequently drawn awry so much so that she is observed sometimes
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water rising by a natural process of distillation and collecting on
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ing from continuous and sometimes a progressive cellular
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pressing on the perineum the os has made an appreciable ad
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sanatorium might at once be sent there her family not
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touch friable easily broken up and shows a tendency
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gone on growing in strength and was now a power and
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Heart 14 oz. enlarged. Some vegetations on aortic valves
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devoted to considered communications on clinical topics
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In general the disease is favoured by a plethoric state of body and
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sels few of which were less than five days out from