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can drink only at the risk of sharp pain, and fluids regurgitate through the

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The symptoms of scrofula may develop in any temperament or con-

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In the simple tertian and quartan, and also in the double quartan,

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Address all communications to THE WISCONSIN MEDICAL JOURNAL, Box 1109, Madison 1

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at the internal aspect of the dental arcade. All of these

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clearly of opinion that it must have taken place by a

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cattle-dealers, veterinary surgeons, drovers, common pastures,

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a sufiicient allowance for most girls. That is, omitting gymnastics, long walks,

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York Med. Journ.," April 17, 1897 ; "" Toxic Amblyopias " Prize Essay,

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Paris, and the next day saw Pasteur, who wished to post-

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operation with the knife, while it may, by inducing a change in

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It has been constantly asked, even by those who should

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drinks to become grossly polluted. Any one who travels much by train in

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believed topical applications had been carried to excess.

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filled one-half or two-thirds full of warm water and

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Similar changes had taken place in the domain of the

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beef or that ground in a sausage mill may be served.

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scarlet, as in scarlet fever. The crimson specks of

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Signs of the Complete Discharge of the Tuberculous Matter.

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cite by their abundance and sudden pressure. He ex-

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found after death in cases which showed the clinical features of spastic

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of the body, these do not show cirrhosis. Secondly, all writers have

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15. Sischy B: The use of radiation therapy combined with chemotherapy in

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of a well defined and hard tumour, in the centre and