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Atroplti, Br), made by dissolving four gmins of the alkah>id \n a fluid-
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posed beneficial infiuence of the resulting empyreumatic products upon
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toneal fluid of all inoculated mice. In heart blood they were abun-
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stantially higher incidence of secondary invasion for mice in the
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peutic applicatiot) of the agency; namely, that galvanism is tfi he prd
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moins robustes, moins actifs, moins vivaces, que les peuples substante des
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else he is lost, irrevocably lost ; not all at once, but
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terms of the usefulness of this remedy in puerperal fever. He gave it
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ounces i>f boiling water, and filtered when cold. Of this one or two
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Thirty grains of sulphate of zinc, and a drachm of ipecacuanha may b«
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Thoii^b the cerebral lob<is are seldom affected by this a^ent, and per-
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the stronger of the two medicines in its stimnlant powers, may be use-
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water, may be separated by expression. When these little bulbs become
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•eited. without unpleasant effects. It is not. however, considered appli-
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nua It is at this point that it is necessary to make the re(|uisite appli*
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acid existed in the bark. The extract wan triturated with water, and with gelalia
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The bather, if rich, then takes a drink composed of English
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disagreeable odour All parts of it are active. The U. S. Pharmacopceia
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cerebral sedatives. It is important to understand that general nervous
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When coffee is taken in excess, it causes a feeling of oppression or
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system, without much affecting the mucous surface of the stomach. It
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of view the nature of the soil, a country is not to be con-
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sider it one of our best remedies in such cases, combined, if anaemia exists