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Maryland, is one of the great American authorities on plums.
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minutes, while with the tubercle bacillus a very much longer time is
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Tod began his advocacy of opposition to the extreme antiphlo-
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have sometimes succeeded in inducing timid patients to make the
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lated hospital, where they may obtain the best surgical advice
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to a greater extent than those living on other farm lands. I
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occur, the latter should be recognized and briefly described. It may
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nutrition and a tendency to emaciation is to dilate the cutaneous vessels
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number. Again, one-half of all the cases occur during the months of
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baths daily were given on three successive days, so that a more decided
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contiguous with, the brain-substance, or may be separated from the latter
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treated by the cold bath, with a mortality of only five per cent. The
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and even their exact preparation. I plead for the adoption of similar
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(a) Mild or Rudimentary Form. — The cases belonging to this type re-
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sometimes there is no areola, each vesicle resembling a drop of water
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long time; but I took occasion last spring to investigate the matter
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This method of applying water to the lower part of the trunk is
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above 102° F. (38.8° C), If not controlled in this manner, we may
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for human food. Go to our cattle-yards and you can pick out
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fever. It must not be forgotten that unless the temperature exceed
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the prodromal stage. ^ Even though it be admitted as most probable
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adhesive straps, a Maltese cross of sheet lint, covered with
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endeavored to inculcate would not now (twenty-eight years later) require
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douche. Its effects upon the healthy organism have received special
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The procedure cannot be executed with precision without assist-
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must be brief and used only when the corpuscles are not greatly dimin-
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been observed on the epiglottis and posterior wall of the larynx, and I
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my son, Dr. H. B. Baruch, at the Mount Sinai Hospital, and myself
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around them not yet infected. Those who go away for health
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series of experiments, it does no injury whatever to the sound
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unfavorable, by far, as a symptom than excessive tympanites, which
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confirmed by the highest authorities. Jacobi* " uses cold baths or packs
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changes vary from 1° to -f ° C. The cutaneous temperature reached its
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hesitancy. In France and Germany the inspection of beef
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the treatment par excellence of typhoid fever. This bath was first
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conclusions, which are as definite and positive as present scientific
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sugar. See how complex are these cases, and what tact and
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pilocarpine, numerous cultures of these staphylococci were found. In
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of the lungs occurs as a complication of influenza, as I have learned from
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count the food and the drink taken and the oxygen inhaled
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the opportunity of seeing something of the practical work-
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it has proper support by stimulants and by the administra-
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have found it necessary to add to the foregoing small doses of phenacetin
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sults were obtained from the warm baths than from either drug. The
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or rational basis for its use. Improperly administered, it may