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Dr. Porter replied that he offered the suggestion only as giving a possible
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As to treatment tonics and stimulants internally were found most
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cured.. If any substance haa got mthtn th eye and can be
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on under conditions so different from those here prevailing as to
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the peritoneal cavity compared with the abdominal method
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often even though insane. It seems to me as a family physician that
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explanation for the absence of desquamation. Tliere were no circinate
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and the child had begun to perspire. The temperature
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neutralize with alkalies and acids contract the fiber with tannin and cold
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from the urethral discharge which was fairly profuse showed Urge numbers
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the real cause of Keate s want of success in life he
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The three papers were discussed by Dr. Ezra M. Hunt of
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their mental capacity and helping them to see just what their limitations are.
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the bladder or vagina. Suppurating granulations surround the irregular
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of the spleen roseola and a coated tongue. The mind was clear
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soft chancre may have existed on the patient but that is not
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hat crown protruding between the thighs of the patient and
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biting its ordinary structure and forming one twelfth part only of the whole.
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Intermittency. Extra systoles. The commonest type of arrhythmia is that
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Co. make both these extracts and will mail to the medical profes
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these effects are accompanied by profound muscular eufeeblement. On
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from each side. Potassium bromide and permanganate were admin
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fails to appear and the myocardium remains dilated over the period of
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of our own making that has created amp will perpetuate the
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the mouth terminated in recovery under the use of bromine.. The
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Similar affections appear to have been seen in other countries.
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is a new manifestation viz. the fever of maturation. The serious symptoms
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by the record of that which a large cHnical experi
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lore stories and such ancient romances as that of Reynard the
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patient can digest. In severe cases and those which do
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such as nervous invalids tell us. Now if you have taken note of
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assembled and which all lead irresistibly to the conclusion that
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acetate may be given. Alcohol as food and nerve sedative .
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The Seventeenth Annual Report of the Buffalo State Asylum for
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have practically cleared the city of illegal practitioners.
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contracted a little and the edges of the abscess wall are more
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of pain in the chest. Palpitation and anxiety were superadded. The patient
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liquor stores and on the containers of alcoholic bev
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even propagated in the hot seasons of the year that is while the