over the entire lower half of the abdomen and the abdominal wall

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mides was certainly not due to the bromine for bromide

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sity oiCalifornia in. The faculty embraces eleven professors one lecturer and one

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the details of the injury. Such letters should be addressed to

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cephalotribe was not required. Tlie patient made a good recovery

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The case was mentioned to me by Dr. Goodhart who saw

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emaciation and asthenia are less marked than in the

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jection of iodine suppuration of sac and septicasmia sae

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On January th the author was sent for and found the child born

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rial were found bulging in various positions upon the peritoneal surface.

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into one of the hollow organs. Rupture into the peritoneal

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vision pain and heat of eyes blepharitis and reflex headaches

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Anthmda at expedition declares that when the disease is slight

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medical treatment for six months she complained of pains in the

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may disappear but more often a fluctuation appears and they

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Hospital showed the recovery of one half. Sir A. Cooper showed

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thyroidism with a decrease or increase in the size of the goitre into

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of much graver import as it may be due to hemorrhage into the

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the testimony pro and con he comes to stand like the sworn

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lateral ventricles to the middle or posterior part of the cerebrum.

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especially in the combined cases i. e. where there are hysterical signs

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into the central nervous system. Such an arrangement persists in the

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resulted from a bending of the ureter by the prcMurc of a

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Journals. The Veterinarian London The Veterinary Journal London

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more than one Medical attendant in the twenty four hours. I

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organisms to Diseases in Man with the etiology of tuberculosis

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