though treated with hypodermic injections of quinine

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Central Nervous System lightheadedness mental depression manifested by insomi

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and Difficulty in urining. TheDiflemper having evidently in

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Banting s System. A system of dieting for the reduc

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along the grooves between the dura mater and the inner table or pass

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in our home. Yet his parents made their children s educa

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Diseases of the Stomach and Intestines. A Manual of

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years observation I collected all the cases to whom I

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or aifectation. He encouraged and admired every kind of

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each ultimate branch supplying its own area and for that

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etc. and the hypodermatic use of ergot and morphine

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logical conditions of the liver and with the incomplete oxidation of

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arteriography revealed an atypical extrapleural mass with no

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commencement uf March it had been very hard worked. A month

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ess. The cavity did not fill up and a fistula still remained

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cliaracteristic features of all such obstructions having

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Made for and Highly Endorsed by Medical Men Everywhere.

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