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I wish to present now to the readers of the North Carolina

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The next morning he got up feeling unwell and walked to my

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THE STOMACH INTESTINAL CANAL cVc. Fourth edition in one sinall octavo volume

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and mucous membrane are not dermoids but teratomata.

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reorganized at the opening of the present University year

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scribe the bog cholera group of bacteria we are at once confronted

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improved rapidly and in two weeks had entirely recovered.

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women. The portion that follows is more or less pertinent to

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Moxon and Gowers advocated a theory of revulsive ansemia ac

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cation to constitute the incoming State Board of Veterinary Ex

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tain generalized principles of treatment which I follow and

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We are indebted to correspondents for the following periodicals containing news re

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ease. The meeting participants also recommended that if

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whose reports deal with cases treated by serum injection are

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desired. However it has been the experience of this laboratory that

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