condition for two months and was finally sent to the Vincennes
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were terribly wasted the scapulae were Tnged out and videly
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October d and will continue until the end of March. Preliminary Lectures
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vided it be practised according to the general principles
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maintained that in pyaemic conditions associated with
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cent or salicylic acid in should be applied and frequently
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bicarbonate of sodium nullifies the thirst with the result that enormous
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least attendant disadvantage has been my chief life work.
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all varieties of cinchona but existing in greatest propor
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the application of a smart blister around the articulation.
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word about careful selection or scientific manipulation.
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more than the usual number of slappings on the rear to
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I therefore omit it in all acute middle ear processes not only
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conditions. Hektoen suggests further careful study of new cases both
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spring when the parents have been treated with even fairly large doses
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trim the lamps of their patients. Taking out the blood
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become more deeply stained than the other parts. The bacillus
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the throat. Finally Mullein can be used as a poultice for
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not determined at present and I should not dare to assume that they
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pared by subjecting stronger water of ammonia in a still
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Dr. Wood in closing begged to add one or two words on
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mals. The appearance of indigogenous material in urine may be
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On removing the mineral matter by dilute hydrochloric acid the animal matter
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of trays one above the other and Dr. Walker exhibited
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ligation of the lingual artery. It consisted of a portion
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campaign for the prevention of this stubborn affection
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Eczematous eruptions are generally preceded by cutaneous irrita
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rise to an appearance like that of a racemose gland.
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cases of diseases of the lower air passages greatly
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Awtringent mouth wjushes will accomplish much to allay and cure the a.Tec
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it is difficult to draw the line of demarcation. Now my opinion
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intercourse or hard mental work. To this class lielong also those tlis
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were purulent a condition associated by Dr Beat son with
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patchy fibrosis type of the aortic intima as pointed out by Adami.
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difficulty on breathing in short I came to the conclusion
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best to apply a mustard plaster to the swelling instead of a
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can be more readily managed at that time and the line of union
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in all the ways mentioned. Another method often prac
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cumference large tumours form on the lower surface of the
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of innovative prophylactic techniques such as immunization to various diseases
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good of the dead he would remark that in alluding to the
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lobe. The pericardium and heart were uniformly negative.
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