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in the text-books. Symphyseotomy, Csesarean section,

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volume tests cannot generally be made in hemorrhage cases for ob-

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any intention to introduce a bill to amend the Public

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who have had abundant opportunities for observing the disease.

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tonsils. He gives a general anesthetic and removes the tonsils quickly.

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After a week or ten days, the mind wanders < of Dr. Smith's notes.

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It is one of my special pleasures to spend a morning or

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nntil September, 1834, when coming from Cadiz to the port of Dublin

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fractionally-digested milk remain on the stomach when nothing

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Sulphur in the form of an ointment is particularly obnoxious to

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Binking inwards ; and this took place, the patient suffering

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and there arranged in groups, as if resulting from disintegration of cells. There has

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The doctor had made the diagnosis of gall-stone colic, which I con-

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West, is not remarkably less "chaotic." In answer to

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functions. Subinvolution cannot take place as in the

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presenting an S-shaped appearance, and occasionally assuming spiral

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33.-— Ahsccss, 1 — accident, 4 — inflammation of the bowels, 2 — disease of the brain, 1 — 1 ron-

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tioned. I have seen a number of abscesses of the lung and like

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greater in refracted light and most in direct sunlight. It

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Casb 22. — Operator, LIchthen, 1890. Dorsal region : intradural

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the other hand the students of some other schools have taken a

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Homoeop. M. Soc. Penn. 1893, Pliila., 1894, xxix, 136,— itlc-

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padded ham-splint, and compression was applied over the knee by means of

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to ten per cent, of all cases of the former, and ten per cent,

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now recognized by any of the standard pharmacopeias of the

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which reference has been made. The pain is sharp, lancinating or stitch-

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2.30 A.M., April I St, in convulsions. Temperature,

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arises, "Is it possible to give every case of penetrat-

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caution can not be too closely observed nor too rigidly enforced, because

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it is generally stated, the palms and soles. In our experience,

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freely as a step in mechanical treatment, but after adopt-

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intense. Varying degrees of dyspnoea, palpitation, with corresponding

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particular case, no history of injury anteceded the trouble,

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floor, now connected by a new staircase with the vestibule of

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effect of respiration is to change the colour of the

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per-cent. solution of the extract of suprarenal capsule.