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when the urine is condensed as occurs after excessive sweating. They

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ation and the production of toxins. Milk may also be

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relief is usually immediate and made permanent by continuing the

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of death ahould be the law. A strong combination between the

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bining with food stuffs for the nourishment of the mother cell. One

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De Nervi Sympathetici humani fabrica usu et morbis.

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A removable burlap or paper sack inside catches all deposits easily

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their arrival at hospital while they are waiting distribution to their appropriate wards.

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asthma although the typical appearance of the chronic sufferer is thin

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ing his work Rosenow expresses himself strongly in favor of etiological re

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It is now admitted by the most experienced anatomists and surgeons

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Consulting Physician to St. Thomas s Hospital the Hospital for Diseases oj

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In April 1616 William Harvey delivered in London his epoch making

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prepares the way for the more complex reactions which follow.

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The modern era sets in with the studies of Steinheim a physician of

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hair grows in a regular manner immediately or after a brief epidermic

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reminiscent of one which occurred in Boston some years

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sioned personnel trained in sanitary work and excess cooking and

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Thoracic and Abdominal Viscera. Their structure general arrangement and

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Tt impresioes the brain and nervous system and appears to soothe

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are for this reason regarded by laymen as delicate but who

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The name gapes given to this disease in England and America

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persons is the most available safeguard against the

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were not obtainable. At autopsy there was a tumor in the upper

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ment before the septum was completed so that Nature

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ing conditions with which a woman can be afflicted.

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tion cheerfulness and capacity for work return. Tests of

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is needed two more. The diagrams showing the internal arrangements

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and a sweet taste followed by strong astringency. It slowly eflBoresces

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The class divisions are so arranged that work in the labora

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imply an incurable form of blindness attended with peculiar morbid changes in

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has become attached to the uterus that is to say to the

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