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lobes from gravitation of blood ; their structure was healthy. The windpipe

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true rate of mortality. In order to prove the fallacy

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bald patches, while in others the hair was still firmly fixed. This variation bore

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days, that is, the time from production of the lesion to

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Congenital alopecia. — This is very rare and seldom complete, the

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private practice without previous constitutional preparation of the patient.

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lach on the other hand, inferred that the roots of the nerves ran transversely between the

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excited, and then his eyes are worse. He holds his head

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brain examination under autopsy of Landry's paralysis

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she reports herself as being in perfect health. There is no re-

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Colocynth has a severe cutting pain in and around the eye

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Jist " of the Medical Directory, with all the care of its editors,

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person is supposed to have participated in the shooting.

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the pleural cavity, we perceive that the expansion of the lung is

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have never been over four in a class owing to lack of space. The last

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thecoramandlnggeneral, department of Dakota, and will then pro-

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results were obtained by salts of caffeine and other alka-

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two scruples of carbonate, of soda, to sixty ounces of water. It was

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left hemisphere was found to be covered with a layer of yeUomsh-green^

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surface by a medicinal application. Now the best topic for that purpose is the

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on your consulting-room table does not represent more

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the White Star, Cunard, and American Steamship Lines.

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large as in the human being — a fact in full accordance

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OindnnatL 84 miles from Indianapolis ; 8 trains daOy.

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In the second case Dr. Harley's analysis gave the following result :

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the brain, and nerves for transmission, with a certain modification

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XV, 2-14.— Bvckwilli (D. H.) ~ Reporton the adulteration

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orbital headaches and pain at the back of the eyes, which prevented her

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development, so uncertain as to its application, ai.d

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Separating these, but connecting with both, is an ante-

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By using a lens of higher power, one is able to differentiate with

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to have been malignant, or which in all probability were so; of

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3 fits before admission ; delivered by the forceps of a girl living ; mother

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Miss Pratt, the school nurse, writes : "We are going to succeed. Can

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On the other hand, natives of very hot climates live mostly on

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currently available 5s that salvaged from the preparation of

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Lr.ET— D'Abcy.— On May 28, by special licence, at Churchtow-n House,

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and an astringent cream should be retained in the mouth frequently, with the ad-

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this country. That a body of manufacturers shoidd band themselves together,

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