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the soft investing membranes of the brain and the nervous
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taken for typhoid fever. The caution may be repeated that under no cir-
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on its down-hill course, which the oxygen insufflation could neither
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2. The calculation for the individual cell from serial sections 454
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anatomy. Showing the fine fruit on one branch of a tree
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against Dr. R. A. Gunn, and therefore asked for his acquittal.
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" Sympathetic Ophthalmia." Editorial in Boston Medical and Surgical
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Later on in the day of her admission the temperature
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moval of the tumor is assured, and in the case of multiple papillo-
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Father of the "Won- Restraint " System in England. — To Mr.
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Chloroform." Prof. C. S. Sherrington, F.E.S., and Dr. H. E. Eoaf,
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might be beneficial, if not ctu'ative, and the woman
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nounced catarrhal inflammation. The striking feature, however,
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apprehenfive of the ftupidity of the afs, or falaciouf-
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instead, the injury to the articulation would have remained a matter
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reduced the* quantity of whiskey considerably, which he was
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.special Societies, is confined to three evenings, and
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modern specialist glorifies and is glorified, because his pro-
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muscles, as mathematically ascertained by means of the ergograph of Mosso,
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and by others restricted to those structures that will afterwards be
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f T nit will take charge of the further preparation of all material and
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ive — for uterine displacements, reposition and pessaries,
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eruptions make their appearance, especially on the head and
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pressed, or ill-formed nipple. The early use of a shield is the
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Matilda, the affianced bride of the Crown l\on.— British Med. Journ., June 8.
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has accumulated in considerable amount in the system. Kitasato was
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16. Cleanliness in the hafndling of milk is absolutely