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sideration of a critical discharge. iJaily examinations were
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whether there was true ansesthesia in these cases, or whether the action of the electricity
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exorcisms or incantations, as that most ancient one handed
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at the time there are any cases of erysipelas or purulent infection
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LSCIMC family, or just relish a break from Micro notes.
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of wild mint and of pepper he considered particularly
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cortical increase which is cared for in other cases by the ''new
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of gastric ulcer. No matter how small the percentage of gastric
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stances in cultures of the pneumococcus. As a rule, very large quantities of
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the eruption made its appearance would have its just weight;
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When the vital processes are released from the paralyzing
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the stage of myositis, characterised by severe muscular pains and irrita-
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dermatology and have attended my special classes for three or four
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One of the best of beauty baths, delightful in its effects on the skin
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factors concerned in the causation of diphtheria. The limits of an address
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of the clot. The brain was softened and ! down to the perineum, and an incision
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Every one of the more than 4,000 registered physicians in
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Levene, P. A. Structure of yeast nucleic acid. Ammonia hy-
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you see little masses of bacteria that float. Culturally and morpho-
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Colonel Paul Methuen stated recently, in the course
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A class of bacterial products of great importance are those which are
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do not immediately follow, there must be a deficiency of vital resist-
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On Tanuary 17, 1949, Mrs. Elsie Mae Perreault, forty-
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Beard's perceptive faculties are acute, and it seemed
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pertrophic process, I cannot say. I believe the dis-
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book. By general consent the pathology of oedema was held to be one
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find himself at the scene of an acute medical emergency.
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sulphurous acid which was set free from this compound
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medicine, she recovered completely, but was extremely prostrated. The lady
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and living matter only, can generate living matter ; and that,
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Orthoptedic Surgery, unless considered as a prevention of
Take of valerian root one ounce and a half, fnake root
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sation of the cornea was absent. This at once suggested atrophic
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loosened periosteum. AMth the rugine, expose the anterior surface
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o-enerally epidemic and attracted the attention of the
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after middle life, between forty-five and sixty years of age.
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uneasiness within the pelvis, and his general health is good. It should be stated,
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ing much below the edge of the liver. Osier narrates a
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mellaril and thorazine are examples of
Surgical Treatment of Strictures of the Urethra — James Bryan,
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Summaries of practical work already done and results achieved, as
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the time to first flatus, the time to first clear liquid intake
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part of last century, when the power of the Church was supreme
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ing strongly with the surrounding skin, or, as I believe, from an
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Hemorrhage. This is frequent from the severe coughing spells causing
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judged that the proportion of calomel present could not be less than one-half ;
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