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when they bring it back to the heart. And thus it appears, that an

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ed weather; and its degree should never exceed the quantity of

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*' Holocaine is therefore a most valuable agent for the produc-

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case of cancer, is, whether there is any possibility

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ness of the affected tissues, opacity, a peculiar pale buff colour, and, it may

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the cyst recognized. It proved to be a single echinococcus sac,

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The symptoms are pain, vomiting, often diarrhoea, fever, followed by a

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and the age of metals dawned. Of these benefactors of the human

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Board at Philadelphia; Surgeon P. S. Wales, from duty

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ment, growth, and decay of the new products or new formations

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separations. No generalization can be made regarding the disease-bear-

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the prospect seems to him gloomy, but that for the cause

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trance through the alimentary canal or the respiratory passages.

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percentage found by other observers is much less (see

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order to estimate the amount of mineral ash in the urine the follow-

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obedient. 1 then proceeded to hypnotize, but was only

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about six weeks before operation, when the infection evi-

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method for direct transfusion in desperate cases, but

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Beilevue Hospital Medical College. Not seeing in the medi*

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years of age, received a severe blow upon his right patella. Soon afterwards a

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tetters. She consented to this proposal, and I was desired

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again supervenes, gradually verging into coma; the convulsive I

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excitement or weakness when reformation is attempted. With them, readminis-

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effects of a well-regulated vegetable diet in a number of cases of scrofula

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pass into the milk even in the early stage of tuber-

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parents or others in charge ; the family medical attendant, however,

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marked distress because of dyspnea of such grade as to require the constant

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of gutta percha in chloroform, reported originally in the Gazette Medi-

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absence of the President and Vice-President, as the senior

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in frequently repeated doses than otherwise, as it is less

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that suppuration was not necessary to the healing process. On the

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abscesses on both sides densely adherent to all the surrounding structures,

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crepitant rales and rapid breathing were confusing.

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expert witnesses by the state as advisers of apoplexy last winter while presiding over

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drops of water of condensation appear. This liquid is then inoculated with

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hours, without any one going on shore. On the same day two cases

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