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27, 1889, one of our contributors. Dr. Frederick Peterson, de-
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far as statistics have proved anything, that ether is a
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observation, and the general soundness of his judgment, the post hoc is, in his
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/>/W, the affection to which the term rheumatism is par excellence applied,
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The disease commences by the formation of small horny discs, which
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of material is limited in quantity ; the staff rotates monthly. The
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to the functional nature of the disorder, irritable
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vomiting, which had reduced the patient to a very low point,
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ments tended to show, and are peculiar to the bile — they would have met
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Causes. These are many, hence it is necessary to adopt some
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and hypoblastic structui-'es. If we stimulate a cutaneous
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sound was sufficient to induce the one-sided twitchings.
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Child-welfare institutes are needed in all industrial
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er^d practitioner. Proc. Phila. Co. M. Soc, Phila., 1890,
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being an hermaphrodite. The Catholic priests of olden times admin-
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of eighteen than men of thirty-seven, and consequently
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(and I use the word politician in its best sense) which
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diaphragm into the bronchi. — i* Union Medicate^ Aug. 5, 1870, and
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Dickson, of Denmark-place, Camberwell, has been distributed
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and neglected, can be ordered by a specially appointed justice to be
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size, length of time each patient spent in surgery,
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bore a close analogy to those of influenza, except that the local a"
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Surgeon to the Orthopedic Department of the Farringdon Dispensary, formerly Senior House Surgeon to St. Mary's Hospital, and
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In the treatment of alveolar abscess, pus-secreting sockets and diseased antra, I find
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also occurred during life, and must regard the valves as insufficient.
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Above this was found an irregular perforation 2 mm. in diameter, which leads into the
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squinting eye. This proposition could not be intelligently
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nostic purposes in the case of young children, as even
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often the case, enucleation, for the safety of the other
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pulmonary circulation. The surface of the body is cool or cold. The
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nicates externally, whilst in others again it is completely closed, and in all its
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tested the value of Ehrlich's reaction, which depends on
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to the subject of this paper. Such cases, however, are too common
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4. — The patient was an unmarried woman, 25 years of age,
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ing wounds of the heart, the pericardium being boldly opened
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doubt. Instead of the smooth, shining glomeruli are seen, by transmitted