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that the person who contracts Cholera in this country is ipso facto

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rupted, sighing respiration, small, weak, thready pulse, cold, clammy

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Case I. — In the fall of 1882 Dr. Beverley Eobinson asked

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suddenly, the ushering-in symptom being sometimes a chill, thou^ HMRV

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Color white to yellowish green, deep green becoming yellowish brown or gray in

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dulness behind rises above the level of the angle of the scapula, there may

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kidney and lungs by treatment. The relief is only temporary

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digestion and absorption. When bile is absent these pro-

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30^7i. — Patient now, for the first time, passes his urine with-

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The digestive act should not be prolonged, as in that

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a whitish coating. She vomits and raises wind, particu-

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solid particles of food (grains of corn in one of my

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dogmatize, a case entirely recovers after years of mind-

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ing it to lie in a vertical position without the help of splints ; indeed, this

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and elsewhere. So many reports of the cure of" incurable diseases,"

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be simultaneously destroyed by any pathological or traumatic lesion.

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tent has resulted from the destruction of a great deal of tissue.

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relative preponderance of large mononuclear cells, with reduction in the

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onetimes \vll marked in cases of cancer, but it is by no means always

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technically termed the "middle run of the still," some of the first

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has been successful. Jonnesco** of Bucharest affirms that bilateral

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Of the organs to which nerves are distributed, those of the

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case is shown in Fig. 6 which is a radiograph of the feet in Figs. 4

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his acid, mixed with the brine in which pork is pre-

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becomes clear and there is a (Hstinct deposit. The medium becomes

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under the sole charge of the same young lady doctor

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iirst, upon an abnormal state of the circuhition of the

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umbilicus, was continued downwards in the middle line for

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into the eye just in the dangerous zone. The piece of glass penetrated

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as references in the literature to such cases are extremely rare. A tuber-

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that they will be considered under a common lieading.

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with circumstances of exhaustion of the general nutrition,

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cells are hypertrophied, highly obstructed, some fatty granules begin to

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area should ascend to the leg area, it is necessary that it should diffuse

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with one blind child in each — the parents being cousins ;" and ascribes

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6ame as has been done with the other precipitates successively, in order

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of service it renders to the Clinical Center in particular and to the National

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dition of constitution in which the patient may be assailed, whether

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'' The oriental fermented wines,*' he remarks, ** were less obnoxious

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