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that peritoneal dropsy following portal obstruction is practically a
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The history of the symptoms was almost exactly identical with that
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The vein is thin-walled, ga|>es easily, is attached iu
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of the intestines certainly offers one more probable.
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symptoms have been controlled, then two or three times a
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symptoms are either those of carcinoma above or below the papilla.
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By some practitioners, this fever is considered as identical
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Not long ago we had occasion to notice Professor Hemmeter's work
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portation of infecting germs to others, may it not be reason-
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various forms of scrofulous disease, hemorrhagic phthi-
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its proper position in the nosological system remains imsettled. The
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with pain or paresthesia over the areas of one or more
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brother had symptoms similar to those presented by the patient.
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wound had closed, and on the twenty-fiftl) the ])ati(nt
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Therefore the tension on\ the tendon is i^ time, the
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return to consciousness, and, after a period of rest, a feel-
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avoid doing so. This is greatly facilitated by the use of
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plane with the woimd, and when tied no part of the suture will be
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tion of the Secretary of War, granted leave of absence for six
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(first ' resolve ' ) gives your sentiments of freedom a terribly black
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ham, the elbow, and the groin. The constitutional irritation becomes
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Causes. — Meningitis is derived by contiguity of tissue from disease
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E. AVatson of Glasgow, and has subsequently been tried in laryngismus
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Army, Navy, and Volunteers," being acknowledged by Dr.
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As a matter of clinical experience, however, it must be acknowledged that only
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contained from five to eight per cent, of sugar, a little
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8. The reference made in a former report to Dr. Duncan's views
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the lumen of these vessels do not appear to contain bacteria.
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cannot rest either on the right or on the left side, but is most
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Intestinal anthrax very closely resembles cholera. The chief symptoms
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pressure is applied when the circular fibres of the ciliary muscle
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15 from several points. Ligatures were applied, but would
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telangiectases that together constitute the chief features of this