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by Mr. George Wright. Eacli tracing was afterwards carefully reduced and

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ornithin and urea. Preparations were made by both the ammo-

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grafts, which seems to be associated definitely with a local accumulation of

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the vital capacity of the lungs, the capacity of the chest cavity from

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chosen at haphazard except that they had no pains, gum affections or

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difficulty of urination are similar to that seen in prostatic hypertrophy.

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frequent copious vomiting, before there is any great loss of heat

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water, then the other ingredients and rinse the mortar with enough

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Add 21-2 grammes of moisture or 4876 heat units, and I have

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observation of the undisturbed colony is therefore essential to a cor-

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ton Medical and Surgical Journal" has given currency to this

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until ten months old. The family history was negative;

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during life. Huguenin, referring to this obscurity says;

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to effusion and to dilatation The heart's outline is

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Yet the prevalence of the affection in given fiocks and pastures,

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always certain whether it is sufficient to cause rejection or not; then

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sugar, stiiTing whilst it boils, for 15 minutes. Strain

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which you are used. This line of work I consider the glory of the

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land, the mortality from cancer has been steadily in-

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this procedure in all cases, but only in cases where it is of the greatest

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habit; that the habit has been kept up sometimes, even with the cog-

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porting or fixing it by the hand or hands gives little or no

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mass of connective tissue, unsightly enough to recommend clean ex-

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of disease shall be based upon those for the registration of