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Historically, it was one of the worst scourges among men, espe-

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showing the permanence or otherwise of the effects of such surgical

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It is in affections of the respiratory tract that the principles laid

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When one considers the number and the variety of the abdominal

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felt that under present circumstances no action could be

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lutionist can make a good showing that in structure man's brain differs

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The more pronounced symptoms of lead-poisoning, however, occur

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fimctions together. We should first begin with all the disorders of

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agamst cholera. " By so taking arsenic," says the writer,

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late Dr. Charlton, with Professor Philipson (who is now the

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confirmed by tliat of others. I venture to think that it is

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ing the disease. This has occurred in India, where an ignorant oppo-

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It is only by the prolonged researches of pathologists that the true

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vised regulation," and the petty self-sufficiency of its authors.

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was, without hope or desire of reward of any kind beyond the

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obtained his Fellowship by election) is tenth on tlie

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or been called in to visit the same patient. The Act does

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continual use produce that sodden appearance of the con-

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alone. The use of the latter has several advantages over the

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was sixty-seven years old and had a cachectic appearance. I then

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be cooked in a way which would make them easily digested. Thus,

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Dr. Gloveb, in an elaborate statement, explained the work

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crutch, by injuries of the arm, blows, or fractures. It is frequently

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March 23rd, the President, Dr. Faebell, in the chair. The

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conditions in which h)T)erchlorhydria is found. The first of these which

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F. L. Phillips, Birmingham; Dr. A. Paterson, Bridge of Allan; Mr. C.

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would allude first to difficult breathing due to the state of the arteries.

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referred to, occurring in elderly persons, relief may be very prompt

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June Bth : Surgeou-Major Wilii<m Bale (retired). 4th Volunteer Battalion,

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of ethyl is so rapidly converted into nitrous acid and alcohol