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tests and sputum or gastric studies for tubercle bacil-

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And then, lastly, as the period of crisis approaches, Dr. Hughes

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operation of infibulation, practiced by the ancient Romans

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used for intravenous or subcutaneous infusion the solution should

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Kardon, Stephen B. Clinical Instructor of Radiology in

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at its neck. If the result of this series prove disappointing,

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Scientific study integrated with patient care is the

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" ter you have flopped up the bladder, give it bound

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caught them, he continued: "Thus says the Ebionite, the

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three days later than that, on October 10, a count of 10,800. Those

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investigated experimentally by a number of authors. Living cholera vibrios

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tried the effect of the hot-air bath twice, but as it only

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Leprosy Investigation Committee, No. 4, p. 32. — 25. Lenander, K. G. " Ett fall af

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ic that occurred in 1843, Dr. Peebles, of Va., found great relief from the

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(e) On Respiration. — The carbon dioxid produced causes a

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whereas the acidity will be neutralized at times for hours, a sudden

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teid, in a case of interstitial nephritis with fatty degen-

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equally sudden fall. He thought Dr. Stephenson's data gave him a right to

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first occupant of the Chair of Pathology, established in 183 1.

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axis of the motion. The axis, that is, passes through

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their Final Examination for the degree in Medicine at the sittings held in November

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few cases the condition of t!ie other abdominal viscera is men-

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clined to give a faithful trial to Dr. Chapman's spinal ice bags.

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twenty-four years. From the description of their cases, they ap-

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enough about drugs to prevent her from making grave

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ephantine statue of Asklepios, the handiwork of Thrasymedes

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in nature. If it is smaller than the smallest known microci

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The men were equally tasteful in their dress. Besides which,

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cubic centimeters to a liter and there may be one large hemorrhage or

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in the cancered (gangrenous) parts. The saints alone were appealed to ;

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facilities for study or teaching in other centres, A. 5,