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Why is mere man such a slave to convention and fash-

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during hop-picking, harvests, cider-making, &c.

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psychic grandmothers have anything to say about it.

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one cases, fifteen of which were fatal, in Southampton proper, almost

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" Prognosis. — The prognosis of purulent absorption is extremely unfavourable;

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^ Ugeskrift for Laeger,' 3die Rsekke, 3die Bind, Nr. 5 — 8) .

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tured show concentric rings with a granular or crystalline

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hardly fail to be read with pleasure by the profession at

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Recent inquiries, for example, into the disorders of accommo-

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it extremely difficult to discover the fissure, hidden as it is in the folds of the

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while we in vain search for anything worthy of the latter appellation through-

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Fifth District — H. T. Kirby-Smith, M.D., Sewanee

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countries. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of

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smaller doses than when it is given by the mouthy and benefit may be

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pists. The sarcolemma in this insect presents a number of

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4. That it probably depends upon rupture of the capillaries at

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second— Helmboltz), and, as it seems, with increasing intensifcj

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possible to bring the smaller anterior diameter of the head into rela-

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short space horizontally, turn suddenly downwards at a right,

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of constitution; though it is ditHcult to say, in any given case, how far the con-

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seen most often in the central nervous system, more particularly

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receive the blood from the deep vessels of the thiiili.

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eleventh day. Her case was peculiar, inasmuch as diarrhoea was

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this too in a manner so unequivocal, that it attracted the notice of the com-

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day in a given condition is apt to be useless or positively

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1868.] Recent Observations upon the Contractile Tissues. 95

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being elaborated by the colon bacilli in the bowel, or a

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shows that the author is well acquainted with the details of

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Hutchinson, or Mr. Bader in England, and like Grofe,

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seed is there as a result of disease, not as a cause. In

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beings if inhaled with dust. The infection, if any, would

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veals his absorbing interest in Postgraduate Education. That interest dovetails

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hernia of the iris from wounds of the cornea, which have fallen under my

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