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Treatment. Excision offers the only hope of cure. Tumor to be care

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A meeting of the hospital superintendents of the city was called by the

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Subscription Terms 5.00 per year in advance postage paid.

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rise to biliary obstruction and the formation of gall stones

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of slight odor and will not mix with water. Thiophene

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into the gases of the lungs tending to establish equilibrium.

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masses of platelets are well preserved nearer the lumen. The hyaline

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long as eighteen and twenty one days. This latter fact

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seen that the streptococcus was no more frequent in the gangrenous wounds

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symptom. The appetite begins to flag our meals come

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Atropia is an etticient remedy for night sweats. Belladonna oint

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do no good but seems to do harm. Both of these patients

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We commend this little volume as one replete with interesting

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accommodate themselves to the various motions of the joints but not

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to these aspects of intrathoracic surgery is still rather limited b gt