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nected in its caudal part with the occipital sinuses.

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ment comes to lie directly upon the endothelium and as may

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practice. The linguists have made the earliest and most vigorous

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One hundred and seventy appliances were issued during the tiscal

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mentary and atrophic changes in the skin and which causes fibrosis

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vomiting purging and cramps in the hands. Dr. Pritchard tried to make it

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being dry and of a brow niah. yellow colour and presentinj numerous vacuoli

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an extrauterine foetus by abdominal section. The foetus lay enclosed and

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reason.ible amounts 300 to 400 cc. produce no untoward

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po ver in the bladder. 2 There may be no mental symptoms

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the upper branches were intact the eyelids and the muscle of

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occurs grave intracranial symptoms may rapidly supervene. Pain may

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provements can be completed. The additional wards messing

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also receive special instruction in the electro therapeutic

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dominant purpose one salient ambition this was to make for themselves

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have learnt to apply the truths of natural science it is

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greater convenience and economy and because it does

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of antipyrin is the lessening of nervous irritability.

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view less so in these species nevertheless has potentialities of

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illary CREST AND ANTERIOR NASAL SPINE is of Very frequeut

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another hackneyed expression founded alike on fallacy namely indolent

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tion of this view he adduces the clinical observation that destruction of the

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durch zu erreichende elastische Vollkommenheit feststellte und

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modifications in their expression and intensity which are apt to deceive

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Both must bo grappled vvith and in attacking one wo

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on the muclei in the floor of the ventricle causing

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for a second or two and then starting off with another spurt.

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as much with derangements in the circulation of the kidney as with any

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Whatever depresses the vitality or disturbs the retation of the

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literature has been carefully perused for the latest writings

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many of the so called remedies come directly from the realms

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di erent shapes and sizes the movements of which are the cause

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form one grand strong stream for the public good. It was

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or hyperacidity the administration of 20 to 30 grains of phos

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of its length. The seat of constriction by the liga

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beating more than one hundred times to the minute. And the

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uterine contractions caused the catheter to perforate the fundus

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otherwise been re established. To and fro currents should be passed between

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Moses the Egyptian Mesu between 1 500 B. C. and 1 600

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Sib Ronald Ross has in a very spirited manner taken up

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sensory supplies. It may however be accepted that the chief innervation

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have their origin in vanity various kinds of significance

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the Sick and Hurt Office and the Company found itseli

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varieties most commonly occurred in the lower extremities. In some

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ing symptoms. But to cure the trouble our dependence must be on

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as the corolla and furnished with roundisli cordate yellow anthers.

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ure of Mayo who introduces a tape through the lateral

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present in freshly drawn blood only when it is alkaline in re

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stancy and the possibility of its value in the detection of early

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a hopeless change in the liver an exploration of the abdomen would be

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poietic system there is little prospect of relief to say nothing

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ac Suida. Sed facilis ac frequens est error scriptorum voces Xdkiaid6vtos

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rabbits mice and dogs by the use of hydrastinine. As this drug

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came fetid so that it was necessary to wash out the bladder. The

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entire circumference though clinically none could be seen. There

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hookworm disease does not become endemic to any extent in

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pressed as a positive number. By pH the hydrogen ion concen

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with the blood poisons acetanilid etc. and thus explain its

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and effective of them all. The experimental results are briefly as

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It is not characterized by regular excursions as in

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ple and areola exposed. Having washed the nipple with a

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passing into collapse is an unfortunate tendency in some of the cases

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tincture of iodine and a pad of sterile gauze daily. Occasionally