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Peochazka, Emil, Assistant Surgeon. To proceed from Cairo,

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of the eclampsia, but it was passed over in the paper by saying

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is too limited to proffer any encouragement of particular aid.

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The Anopheles must be held guilty. The coexistence of the Anopheles and

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terior portion of the canal. This pressure is strongest at those

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Augenh., Leipz., 1898, xxii, 262.— linceiola (G.) & Cian-

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tion consisted of sixteen cells, giving a current of thirty milliamperes.

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erly treated, — that is, energetically and persistently

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vanished, the optic neuritis had gradually subsided, and the child had passed

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natural corollary of what was done on Saturday. The Scotch

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perage for deep-seated processes. It also shows the futility

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same proportion to its increase in size it increases in thickness. On the

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filtrated nervous tissue. The bacteriologic examination

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Hamburger: Aich. f. Anat. u. Physiol.. Phys. Abtheil. (Du Bois-Reymond) ,

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through a fistula above the ligature caused little alteration.

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typhoid fever. The prostration, too, is more decided in proportion to

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was continued until May 10th, and, as ho had had no bulln3 for

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of quartz to the extremely short and high frequencies, ultra-

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The lighter shadows in the left tibia are possibly due to lesions within the bone.

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and on the Continent, where there are many who can testify to its

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because with them the intensity of the current is so great that the pain

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be sworn. Each Inspector shall give notice of his appointment by publishing the

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Marshfield Clinic, discussed his experiences in Peru

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ether, and fifty-four degrees lower than chloroform. Its

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seems to be present. The upper regions of the septum are also

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of the fragments in the jar showed tuberculous lesions in a very advanced condi-

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well, but merely lapsed into. that latent stage, and many instances are

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. The prefence cf the phofphat of magnefia in various parts of ani-

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those of inflammation of the larynx. It may be observed, however, that

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that milk, which costs in the country only nine to eleven