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tion of the P-R interval one year later (similar to Fig. 12).
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mals which, from their cough, would lead one to suspect the dis-
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and until the requisitions herein contained are complied
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Pour a wine-glassful of the solution of lye, into a small
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as for strangles, and shghtly charge the air with tb'{ fumes
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Although torpid livers are found almost everywhere, they are more
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No. 6 was a mule suffering from several bursattee ulcers. There
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If the cover glass fits closely a play of colors (Newton's rings) will
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Davis, H. E., hospital steward. To proceed to Baltimore,
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to be folded. It is supported when in use by two pieces of hemp
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tutions, of irritable, nervous temperament, between
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is more free ammonia in the blood of the portal vein than in that of the
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afraid some one will hurt her babies. If one goes " poking
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Above them, we meet men and women with considerable mental
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certain materials from the blood, and only differ from ordinary
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with the other symptoms, appears to indicate that this was really a case
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Elimination is secured in the class of cases not overwhelmed at the onset,
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water, and recrystallized from 95% alcohol. The yield was 23.8 g.,
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tion may occur when chloroform is given, but it is of short duration,
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necessarily contributed to excite hope in the minds
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being done stick a piece of broom straw into it. This answers
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came up, 40 percent of those cut in half lengthwise, 5 per
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cated to the thorax wall by the condensed lung tissue. The
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By far the most favourable condition is a dirty skin ;
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milk from their mother for three weeks and later with mixed
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The priority in the suggestion of the surgical treatment of
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and proteid matter enough to encourage bacterial growth,
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Mexican Mines, July 20, 1894 (No. 591); Muddy Creek, Augus
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from London for the winter, to enter upon his duties as one of
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Big Sandy, July, 1892: Union Pass, August 11, 1894 (No. 828);
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and many husbands, particularly in the rural districts, are faithful in return.
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lary space in the same direction as the mirror, it shows
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of sensibility, at first observable, gradually lessens and ultimately dis-
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more especially in the first eight decades of its existence ; and,