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Medicaid expenditures related to the Breast & Cervical Cancer Treatment Program for those individuals determined to be

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ical skill is to cure disease, not to discover and ward off

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Dr, Thomson died in Boston, Mass., X843, after a tedious application of his own medicine, known as Thomson's

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belladonna, quinine, and mercury are frequently employed, but

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Trichinosis in Ducks. — Twenty persons in Inowrac-

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" The practical parts of Dr. Chapin's book are what constitute its distinctive merit. We

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ness (unassociated with any retinal change), and transient

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TREATMENT. Absolute rest. Light diet. Opium is usu-

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Having fixed upon these general principles, as the only solid foundation upon

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erythematous, papular, vesicular, or bullous lesions.

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Illustration of the Calculi referred to by Dr. Claiborne.

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Pneumonia and hypostatic congestion of the lungs are com-

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sisted somewhat longer in the fingers than elsewhere.

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made by the board since the appointment of Dr. McGill.

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PATHOLOGY. The tissues are stained yellow by disin-

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the original disease. Cough, dyspnoea, moderate fever, and

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ally at the mercy of his patients, never asking a fee nor