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Under the management of this gentleman, the patient took mofl,

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J Amer. Medicine and Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc. Nov. 30. looi.

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shipped that could be infected. The best authorities in Argentina

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author. Each photo should have a label pasted on its back

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and preventive medicine. The fact that B. leprce cultures will remain

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ment or germination of morbid conditions, by instituting, as a custom, a

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John W. Bidwell, were 'admitted members of the Society. William Knight was

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Sir J. D. CoRRiGAN proposed, in like manner as with regard

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and Wales for the year (885,909) those who had died

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tained spermatozoa. On opening the cranial cavity, a strong odour of

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tbeHiv. the bichloride of mercury is given internally

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know how they can best be applied for this purpose and whether or

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Fosters, Princes Bisborough ; Thomas Greeulees, Glasgow ; John G.

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appearance, you can generally arrive at a correct con-

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Reprint. Also, transl. : Arch. ital. dipediat., Napoli, 1889,

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European capitals : one can live economically for not

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indicated. We are, therefore, of opinion that there is still no ready and accurate

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itself into two, viz. — (1) The best time is as soon after the

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June 25th. — ^[arked improvement ; mind more tran-

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murs is the basis of the conclusion that the enlargement is not connected

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be noticed between its color and that of the fellow eye. The

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or the remains of food diluted with water, is not just as often found

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air and acrid matter can enter it. Brain-substance, when

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admitted, had resulted from the amputation, and not from the wounds

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general paralysis. In this, paralysis comes on some little time after the

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no distant day, we may have the pleasure of seeing the Stars and

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phrenic nerve is affected. On close inspection, however, it is seen in the

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in 374 men and 254 women in relation to age and sexi®.

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it may be an arbitrary interpretation of the Greeks

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fatigue aud general demoralization, and the after-effects

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240 Lediard : Sacral Teratoma from Infant Two Days Old

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uterus ; 2, the existence of growths within it ; 3, de-


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No infection produced in rat 370a. put in for a j)eriod of one day,

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outflow of bile. Anything which impedes the cleans-

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of digestive failure of the stomach. Either the party is

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The commercial physician \der arztliche Geschdftsinann\

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The products produced during the various stages of protein putre-