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meats and above all fish in which decay is so rapid and
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vulsions frothing at the mouth helplessness stupor and coma.
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scalp. One subtotal amputation of the nose could not
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use of a Ziegler cell. This cell consists of a cover glass
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A SPECIAL and general meeting was called by the members on Friday
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her arrival in March and she died of pellagra on September
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Convulsions were more common in delicate children. Of the
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tected. Crockei points out the necessity of soaking the scrapings
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scarcely a muscle of the body that was not occasionally more or less
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treatment and to assume after obtaining the prescription the whole
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Use of Alcohol. Definite ratings seem to be unobtainable. All recognize
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Published Quarterly. Subscription Five Dollars a Year Postpaid
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travelling rapidly through Persia and Central Asia and spreading over
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to a cry of despair. Literature is an idol in France.
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partly by sharp spoon. Pulsation of the brain was thereafter f lainly seen.
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four were operated upon and recovered. In the fifth
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Since this is the only examination required for promotion to higher
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