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cups over the lumbar region, or some mild embrocation is all that is neces-

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gins of the inflamed area. If incisions are made through the

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with injury and deposit of the germs. The treatment is directed to

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toms, while in others the symptoms are exaggerated. There is but one

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otiier cases a general tumefaction and oedenui of all the soft ])arts of the

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nosis more favorable in the acute cases. I am confident that the early in-

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the tubes are more rigid than normal. These changes exist whether the

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and strength. The skin becomes harsh and diy. Typhoid symptoms appear

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any oause they be obliged to stay longer than the time specified. A deposit of

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stables, roses, sulphur matches, burning sealing-wax, certain atmos-

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they are all cerebral. The advent of pulmonary complications is always

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the hypertrophy. Others claim that the walls of the renal and of all

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localized, and delayed, and involve the entire limb, or but a group of

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^wy/oiVZ degeneration occurs in the small arteries, especially in the renal

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made by a digital and ocular examination of the rectum and by a microscop-

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sore should then be dressed with dry antiseptic gauzes.