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still infective after filtration through a Berkefeld filter, the pores
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Case K 5, tuberculosis of left kidney with calculi, eliminated
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(20) (1907) and Goldstine (21) (1910) reviewed the subject
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dysentery and total suppression of urine. The perforated
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not, the forceps can be more easily applied when the head is low down in
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quired for a longer period of time at the lowest dose that
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especially bronchiectasis, aspiration pneumonias and fetid bronchitis.
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necessary. The authors cite the cases of 6 symptomless
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may be so numerous as to constitute 50 per cent of the total leukocytes
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and graduated. There the taste for anatomy was awakened in
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A Text-Book on the Practice of Gynecology. For Practitioners and Stu-
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and will undoubtedly serve the purpose for which it is intended. All
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that all the burdens are not upon the physician or pharmacist who con-
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bracing general pathology is of unusual excellence. The chapters, "The
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tests has been that dependable conclusions could not be drawn
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consulting physician at The New York Hospital. Dr. Barr
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greatest diagnostician he had known. He had a distinctive pro-
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of willing workers really belongs to them, and they depend upon
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fine plant, well situated and in ample grounds. Its capacity is
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further nutrition of the tissues. This secondary change led to
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We are willing to take it for granted that public health is
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the beet the balance of their combt juat at nightfall, and by mom.
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be kept in good, workable condition for years, the good effects gradually
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tion should always be considered in patients with acute pros-
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There is too great a tendency on the part of the nurse to
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and associate dean of clinical affairs at Downstate Medical
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2, Nasal Headaches, by D. A. Prendergast. (To be published in full
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drome, and the search for effective treatment continues to
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Objections have been made to the amendments on the ground
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increased industrial and household waste had to be gotten out
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parents produces sterility, miscarriages and abortions, its dangers
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indicated the grant will enable the School to offer programs
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impurities of paracresotinate are probably of no great practical import-
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years. The patient should take a warm bath daily and the
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The Ohio Valley Medical Association held its fourteenth annual
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prised to see a figure of more delicate fiber, with a finely