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PROGNOSIS. In the dry and sero-fibrinous forms the prog-

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history may suggest tubercle. The early age, slow progress,

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taken as recommended, will also tend to invigorate the S37stem and cor-

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Sometime in the month of November, i8oa, my children had the measles, and

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quite firm, is of a dark-red color, and so heavy that it sinks

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and leads to ulceration of the lung tissue; and manifested

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JThis differs from statements of others, who describe it as an oily liquid.

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it the emetic weed; and that in consequence of the evidence adduced of its value,

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tubercle bacillus, and characterized anatomically by the

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violet or methylene blue. With a power of 1,000 diam-

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fever, sweats, chills, and progressive pallor. (2) Sometimes

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paralysis, especially of the facial muscles, and vomiting

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SYMPTOMS. Cerebral Symptoms. Depression of spirits,

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Photographs of different animals were shown upon the

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high body-temperature, and the absence of other causes will

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no other result except that the child passed from an active sthenic condition, with dyspnea,

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Poultry Inspection Act. It implements and enforces a meat and poultry inspection system equal to that maintained by the

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consolidation advances the note becomes remarkably dull.

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HEAP, and FDPIR in the previous biennium. Expenditures are expected to increase for the other grants. Ten Human

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interpretation and enforcement functions. The Investigative Support Section is responsible for investigating crimes

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land, whose reputation and skill as an investigator place

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the long bones the fat is replaced by material resembling pus

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Labarraque's Solution we supply for the use of those who desire to employ it

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TREATMENT. The cause should be removed when possible.

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for what there was of it he was indebted to Dr. Hub-

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CEREBRINE from the brain, for diseases of the brain ;

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ensuring all activities and facilities comply with environmental regulations; and 4) providing state-wide communication

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years ago he had a paralytic stroke affecting both his

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their brass-band and other accompaniments. July 1st,

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spring straight up on end in struggling to breathe. I sat myself in a chair, and

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PEOGNOSIS. Guardedly favorable. Death is not an in-

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the whole body," and this sentence with little variation has passed through a

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TREATMENT. A slight stimulating ointment like the fol-

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TREATMENT. If possible, the child should be removed to

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who have given especial study to that part of the subject upon which they write.

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