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divided the ileum released aud a diseased appendix was

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spots of varying size and shape and which owe their conspicuousness to

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present in the atmosphere that it is difficult to preserve

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Since the long axis of the slit in the box is placed horizontally

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left a vision of hut. The final ophthalmoscopic examination

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thought with which he came into contact appropriating and con

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conceptions and popular superstitions. To acquire any consider

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nerve fibres are swollen into thick homogeneous bands

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arose and constantly reported concerning the purification apparatus available.

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fibrinous purulent exudate or had been healed over for months

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it land by till it is cold then put the Aflien Kejrs

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hours with dilute acid neutralizing filtering and concen

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ing medicines by number or titles from the hospital

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read to them the CXIXth Psalm in the original Hebrew which

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the character of the milk under examination without

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monary tuberculosis most commonly in males. It may l o only on the

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in a short article and those that are interested in school

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SiLER Contract Surgeon Joseph F. now at Opelika Ala. is relieved

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haemorrhagic erosions of the septum and also in various hyper

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umbilical cord. Macroscopic inspection left no doubt that the

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the mesocolon. There was double pleural effusion and the lower por

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reach the muscular tissue stop their wanderings pierce the muscles

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The blisters applied by the adhesive black side readily adhere to the

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environing mucous membrane is thickened and catarrhally

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recently reported two instances of alleged air embolism placenta

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hemorrhoids for months without in erting a finger in the

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It states generally that no cases of the so called endemic influenza

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complete dulness is noted on auscultation while in the upper zone

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thought by some to exert a favorable influence upon the

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and the following 4 years from 1895 to 1898 the mortality dropped

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of the elbows wrists and ankles. None of the joints suppurated

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winter and spring. The author has witnessed two epidemics of ery

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orrhage from the uterine mucosa. Finally the extraordinary hemorrhagic pic

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New York has made five millions of dollars by his practice.

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falling market buyers demanded quick action and sales were lost by

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bloodclota. Morris believes that this oAse demonstrates the pos

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Surgeons and J hereafter be appointed one of the two principal Serjeant

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Medicine at the Mercy Hospital. Richard Cash trained

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driving him he will only fall down and be a great deal more

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who after returning from Europe thanks to his father s in

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of a galloping horse. Each side of the heart can produce a

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for any other purpose than to procure sleep. It does

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must be acknowledged that there are some exceptional nutshells it must also

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nated before the outbreak and 20 were vaccinated owing to the

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Green Healthy Exercise Harper amp Brothers New York 1900.

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Dr. Fochtman had not been in the best of health although he had

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first complete financial year is estimated as follows

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many opticians who measure for glasses. One may just as well send

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attacked the kidneys exclusively or at least where the renal

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from his home Stokes called to see him at his office. The

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nary methods of operation. To these subjects we shall therefore

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excluded in tlic meclianism and that an explanation must be sought along other

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best to take a skiagraph in order to determine the exact

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tion there were 261 replies in the affirmative among which were 158 cases

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do or some place to go planned in advance. The social

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conclude that the serum had no influence upon the disease.

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mucous membrane or abraded surfaces and then only where the

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Batan Santo Domingo de Basco S838 F6nix a form differing from the type

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discharged. The results have been excellent. Under the pro