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false modesty, we frequently permit our children to be launched on the
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Becelaere (Medical Record, No. 1186, 1893,) proposes a metHod
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with the head movable at the brim when immediate delivery ia urgent,
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debility, and nervous irritability. I say these are the common
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letting it, in fact, rest upon them. In this way, by pressing the
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phery, and, as a consequence, energy which has been stored
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very greatly enlarged, (c) Larva of D. muscardinus. (d) tgg
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and has been found frequently to eflect a cure in convulsions and other spas-
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discovered about 1G50, and said to be " of gi'eat efficacy in cholics." It
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the slightest influence in mitigating the character or prevent-
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being cut off, can no longer convey motor power to the dia-
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on the Second Wednesday in Juno of the present year. Our
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ganism. Perhaps, however, it would be well to coin the term
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The icteric tint is first observed on the nose and cheeks, and occasionally
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needle in the fold. The proper manner is to introduce the needle
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sary, moves over this wire and is shoved forward by preMure upon tha
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occurs after the operation, just as overgrowth not uncommonly
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leg. Two were successful after the first operation ; a third succeeded after a
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external manifestations of the disease upon which our diagnosis and
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than deep internal urethotomy, it must share its fate.
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mellar bilayers after secretion into the intercellular spaces.
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best is as follows : — The tubes, of which I generally use two,
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