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tracted even, and the vomited matters contain no faeces. The urine is
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ance away back in 1859 and '60-r-I will venture to name the years. Although many years
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manifests the main and most striking characteristics of that
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From the available data it would thus seem that in the case of
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state, they generally prove improper cases for blood-letting even
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the more important diseases. In the column of deaths of all ages
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consequences of these injuries are sometimes so insidious as to disarm sus-
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a. Syphilis. This may be acquired at almost any age, but
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found to be sterile, illustrate the same condition of pus
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is not excessively prominent ; many of the muscles, such as the gastroc-
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spots " by drying or by nitric or acetic acid does not prevent the irrita-
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to treat infections by organisms of a higher degree of
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fed on the breast for the first four months, and after that time almost en-
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could play by ear ; on the other hand, Lasegue saw a musician with
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Fie served his internship at the Milwaukee Ev. Dea-
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The concluding sentence of the section on this subject can-
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failed to crown the efforts of the therapeutist, but such do
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Annual Subscription $6.00 rale of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917. Authorized August 7, 1918.” Address
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hemorrhage. It is to be noted that, in a certain proportion of cases of hem-
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positive facts brought forward is exceedingly interest-
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mucopurulent secretion at the peak of the vestibule,
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atorrhoBa. Persistence in the employment of these measures, together with
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' On certain occasions the urine was distinctly opalescent, and suggested the condition
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of the cough. In some cases the cough entirely dis-
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often a positive diagnosis can not be made without an exploratory
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the disease, and a chronic affection is not infrequently set up.
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prepared an article on fever and inflammation, in answer to what
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pal regulation. It is not sufficient that the stock be select and healthy,
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heavy burden, and are scarcely heard except during inspiration. The
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several hours, often squeezing the lace and changing the
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secretions, and possibly by contact with those wearing sweat and skin-
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Heart of fine, large, female Emys Serrata severed from the body and thrown into solution of
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This patient was treated in the General Hospital, Augusta, Ga.
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Bcrow' says that the oisease is more frequently met with in the first
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Miss May Darrach, and the membership already reaches 50.
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ground. Patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus
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nos Aires, 1888, V, 7-11,1 pi.— Mocher. Multiple Exosto-
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pillows, -which either could not be put into water, or not, without
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precipitate. He looks pale ; is easily fatigued ; and suiFers from pain in
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